Drama Queens

I have worked with many drama queens.  It is one of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder, which is a symptom of being molested.  It is an emotional imbalance that takes place when something horrific happens to you that you are too young to comprehend.  Molestation is one of those things.  It is the worst of those things and it will change your personality more then anything else can or does.  When you are molested as a child, no matter what the age, it alters your frontal lobe to the point that your personality changes.  Your view of your world changes from being a safe, friendly place to a scary, frightening place that cannot be trusted.  Your emotional maturity stays at whatever age your molestation began.  Drama queens need to have drama in their lives, they thrive on it.  They will create it when things become too boring.  They cannot live without it.  It gives them a sense of purpose.  If you are a part of their lives, you will become caught up in it.  They will attempt to make you a part of it.  You will feel this tug of “I love you, go away” on a regular basis. If your head is spinning after talking to someone and you’re wondering what the heck just happened, they are probable a borderline personality.  Don’t get caught up in the drama, don’t feed into the emotions, that’s what they want.  It will go no where and it will leave you thinking you’re crazy.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy will help someone with borderline personality disorder become mindful of their emotions.  It will help them think before responding, retraining their brains.  Becoming mindful is an excellent way to alter your emotional brain.  It will stop the need for drama and make sense of what is going on inside the mind of a person that has been molested.  People who have been molested are probable drinking or drugging too. In order to get to a point where the person will be willing to  be mindful of their emotions, they will need a good trauma therapist to heal the emotional wounds from the molestation.  They will also need to stop the drinking and/or drugging.  Their minds will need to be clear and focused for both of these therapies.  They will need to get clean and sober, then deal with the trauma itself and finally they can become mindful of the emotions attached to the trauma that are still with them.  It is a lot of hard work, a lot of letting go of old behavior and replacing it with new  behavior.  It is courageous work.  It is necessary in order to heal.  This will help in the letting go.     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxfXvKoRJ53hEQ8p1TTmAaw   Enjoy!


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I became a therapist in an attempt to understand my own childhood and what happened there and how it made me who I am, exhibiting the behaviors that were not always positive, very often self-destructive. I used Art Therapy to help me understand things in my past that were stopping me from making better decisions in my present day. I used Behavioral Science to help me understand underlying causal factors, roots to the present day behaviors that I was seeing in myself. Both help me to change those behaviors/thoughts that were causing me to make self-destructive decisions that were causing pain in life. I have been a therapist since 1985 and have an undergraduate degree Art and behavioral science (double major) from the University of Maine. My graduate work was done at Marywood university and I have a degree in Art Therapy. I have certificates in Forensic Interviewing and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior therapy. I have 22 out of 30 credits toward a degree in Trauma Therapy from Drexel University. I started out as a Community Support Worker, Program Manager/Clinical Supervisor, Family therapist and Outpatient therapist.

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