Throat chakra

The throat chakra is the 5th chakra.  It’s color is blue and if unblocked it helps in communication and speaking your truth with people without being afraid, insulting or injuring yourself or others.  You allow others to have differing opinions from you without trying to convince them they are wrong and you are right.  The communication can be verbal or non-verbal and you can lie. There is also a struggle to understand our purpose in life or vocation.  You may stutter or have difficulty expressing ideas or thoughts at a physical level.   It is the connection between the lower parts of your body and your head.  It  is related to sound and located at your throat.  It effects the mouth, throat, jaw tongue, pharynx, palate, and thyroid gland which governs energy levels, growth and metabolism. You will have difficulty expressing the lower chakra’s feedings and emotions as well.  This chakra also connects you to the higher chakra’s  of spirit.

Healing this chakra is about wearing blue, eating blue foods and talking to the child within and telling them it is okay to speak.  They are valuable and their opinions and thoughts are necessary.  it is allowing their voice to be heard and expressed without criticism, it is encouraging this child to not be timid or shy about themselves or what they have to say.  You will also have to get rid of those things that are now causing you problems.  The following link will help you do just that.

Here is the link. Enjoy!


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I became a therapist in an attempt to understand my own childhood and what happened there and how it made me who I am, exhibiting the behaviors that were not always positive, very often self-destructive. I used Art Therapy to help me understand things in my past that were stopping me from making better decisions in my present day. I used Behavioral Science to help me understand underlying causal factors, roots to the present day behaviors that I was seeing in myself. Both help me to change those behaviors/thoughts that were causing me to make self-destructive decisions that were causing pain in life. I have been a therapist since 1985 and have an undergraduate degree Art and behavioral science (double major) from the University of Maine. My graduate work was done at Marywood university and I have a degree in Art Therapy. I have certificates in Forensic Interviewing and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior therapy. I have 22 out of 30 credits toward a degree in Trauma Therapy from Drexel University. I started out as a Community Support Worker, Program Manager/Clinical Supervisor, Family therapist and Outpatient therapist.

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