Broken trust

Trust is a fragile thing.  It can be easily broken and once broken it is not easy to get back.  We have no control over others actions or inactions, words or behavior.  We only have control over our response to what has happened.  If we love the person who has broken our trust it will be a while before we will be able to trust them again.  That will depend upon the severity of the breach of trust.  That does not mean that we stop loving them.  It should also not mean that we stop working on trying to regain the trust we once had.  The relationship may never be the same because of the breach of trust, but, it can still be a good, loving relationship, if both people are working on regaining the trust that was lost.  Walking away from the relationship or giving up on it does not have to be the case, unless it is a repeated offense that does not seem to be changing for the better.  Regaining trust will mean that you will have to give away what you have no control over.  Those things that the other person did that caused the trust to be broken.  You had no control over them and could do nothing to stop them or it from happening.  Giving them away is your only option if you want to move on.  Holding on to them keeps you and them stuck with the lack of trust.  Letting it go allows you and them to move on to a more positive place and regain the trust that was lost.  The link below will help you to let go of those things you have no control over.

Here is the link    Enjoy!