Cracked not broken

When problems come up for us in our lives we often times think that they are too much to bear and feel broken.  As we walk through the problems we may feel that it is too much to carry and wonder why we were picked to carry this weight.  We feel the pain, anxiety, anguish, anger and fear that comes with the burden that we feel we are carrying.  We are also feeling broken and think we will never recover from this heaviness that is upon us.  The heaviness is because we are carrying too much by ourselves.  We are not inviting God into the  picture to help us carry the burden with us.  Most of the time, the burden that we are carrying, we can do nothing about.  If there was something we could do,  we would do it and remove the weight that we feel.  We can still get rid of the weight that we feel, we can give it to God and have Him help us carry it.  It sounds simple, doesn’t it?  It’s not easy to give away things that we feel is our responsibility.  If we have a need to control things, it becomes much more difficult.  It then become a trust issue with God.  Do I trust God to help me with this problem and will I accept the outcome  Am I willing to accept the consequences that may happen?  Do I trust that He has my best interest in mind?  Will I do my art without interfering with what God is trying to teach us?  Am I willing to be taught?

If you are feeling like there is nothing more that you can do with the situation.  It is time to give it to God.  It is time to give it away and put down the burden.  If you don’t believe in God it is still time to put down the burden, it will only drag you down trying to fix whatever is wrong.  You can still give it away.  You can give it to the universe, put it in a box and put it on you shelf, mentally give it away to a person you trust, write it down and burn it, bury it or talk, write or draw it out with someone you trust.  The goal is to get it out of your head and put it out where you can see it,  seeing it allows it to become objective.  Staying in your head deeps it subjective and open to taking on a life of it;s own.  It is often times than large then life and totally unmanageable.  If you give away what you have no control over, you have lost nothing, because there was never anything to lose.  It was not yours to begin with, which is why you are finding there is nothing you can do about it.  Giving away that burden allows you to put it down and lighten your load.  The following link will help you do that through relaxation and guided imagery.

Here is the link      Enjoy!