Solitude is something that is in short supply these days.  We don’t seems to have time enough in the day to find solitude.  When life becomes too busy and we don’t have time to connect with ourselves we lose ourselves in the midst of all of the motion.  Taking time every day to reconnect with ourselves, to ground ourselves in each moment.  That means we have to take the time to meditate, pray or just be silent for a little while.  To allow ourselves to reconnect body, mind and spirit.  To listen to what our inner voice is saying so we can follow it.  Letting go of those things that are keeping us from taking the time to listen to our inner voice is not always easy.  Changing our routines to make the time is also not always easy.  If we don’t want to become overwhelmed by life it is a necessity.  The following link will help you to let go of what is holding you back.  It will help you to calm yourself enough to let go and reconnect with what is important for your life to move forward.

Here is the link. Enjoy!