Staying stuck

When you can’t let go of something in your past and you continue to think about it, dwell on the pain and hurt that it caused, you are stuck.  You are stuck in the past and cannot move forward until you resolve the reason why you’re stuck in this experience.  You have to figure out why this experience has caused you such pain.  You have to figure out why you allowed this experience to keep you stuck there.  You have to figure out why you can’t let go of it.  Why you want to stay in the pain that it is causing you.  Sometimes it is because of fear.  Sometimes it is because of the need for revenge, making that person pay for what they’ve done to you.  Sometimes it is because we think someone should apologize for what they’ve done to us.  Whatever the reason we have chosen to stay stuck in the past, it is only hurting us.  It is only hurting you because everyone else has moved on in their life, while you are still hurting over this experience from the past.  Letting go is never easy, if it were we all would be able to do it without a thought about it.  Letting go of something in our past that has served some function in our lives is difficult, but worth it.  Anything worth while is always difficult, but, always worth the effort that it takes to do it.  The following link will help you to let go of what is no longer functioning for you in your life.

Here is the link. Enjoy!