Dying slowly

From the moment of birth we begin to die slowly, physically.  Emotionally and mentally we should be growing and learning and improving.  If you come from dysfunction that is not always the case.  The reason for that is because no one is teaching us  how to take the problems that come up in our lives and work them out so we can learn from them.  What you are being taught is how to blame others, circumstances or things for what has happened.  It is never your fault.  Unless you are a child, it is your fault for the mistakes that you make and the consequences that come from those mistakes.   It doesn’t make you a bad person, but it does make you responsible for what you’ve done and the consequences that have come from that mistake.  Owning up to your mistakes will require looking at why you need to blame others for your mistakes.  It is usually because that was what you were taught to do.  That is what your family of origin did, does.  In order to change any behavior it will take 3 weeks of catching yourself doing the old behavior and replacing it with the new behavior.  It will then take 3 more weeks of practicing that behavior until it becomes your habit.  The following link will help to relax you and allow you to give away what you have no control over so you can replace it with new behaviors that will help you to be happier

Here is the link