When we have been hurt by someone a lot of us are thinking of ways to get back at the person who hurt us.  At the time it seems to be very satisfying, in the long run it is not.  It causes more problems than it resolves and does not make us feel any better.  The feelings that we feel are short-lived and often times make us feel worse about the situation.  Revenge is not sweet for very long and is often attached to consequences that we were not thinking about at the time.  It can and often times does lead to situations that cause us more problems and difficulties.  Problems that we have caused for ourselves trying to get back at the person who hurt us.  People who have hurt us will eventually get paid back.  What goes around comes around, karma will eventually get them without us needing to lift a finger to help it along.  Without causing karma to get us back for what we did to get even.  If you live long enough, you realize that it all works out in the end.  It works out better than anything you could have thought up too.  Letting go of the thought that it is up to you to get even is a matter of letting go of the control that you think you have over the situation.  It is a matter of realizing that what goes around comes around applies to you as well.  Life will eventually balance itself out. Letting go of the need for revenge has its rewards, positive rewards, as opposed to the negative ones that come from revenge.  Letting go of the need to control what happens to the person that hurt you is a step in the right direction.  Knowing that it will work itself out in the long run without your help is another positive step.  Nothing stays hidden forever.  The following link will help you to let go of all of those things you have no control over but maybe think that you did.

Here is the link. Enjoy!