Emotional Memories

Emotional memories are those memories that have one or more emotion attached to them.  The memories will put you back into the place that you were when the event first happened.  This is most commonly know as a flashback.  It is trauma related and it is not easy to deal with emotional memories.  Until you do, however, they will run your life for you.  The important thing is to have control over those emotions and not have them controlling you.  There are several way you can handle this.  Not doing anything is one way, allowing those memories to be triggered unexpectedly, without warning and invade your life without your being able to stop them is one way.  Most people do not like that idea, but have no idea how to stop it.  The more efficient way is to do trauma therapy.  The way trauma therapy works is to talk about it, write about it or draw about it until it becomes neutralized.  It becomes just another memories without the emotion attached.  Often times during the trauma event we are so focused on surviving that we do not deal with what we are feeling at the time.  The brain needs to file things away and it will continue to remind you about the trauma until it is able to file it away.  The premise for trauma therapy works much like  a person who enjoys watching horror films or is a thrill seeker.  In the beginning you are turning your eyes away at the slightest scary thing that is on the screen.  After a while that same film will be laughed at because it does not have the same effect, your brain has neutralized it for you. You need something scarier to get the same feeling.  The thrill seeker starts out getting a rush from small adventures and months or years into it they need more and more dangerous adventures to get the same rush.  They  have neutralized the thrill.  Neutralizing the trauma means that you have detached the emotion from the memory and now when the memory is triggered you have only the memory and the unattached emotion.  You may remember that you were afraid, angry and/or crying but you will not feel those emotions again.  You will only remember that you were feeling them at the time.

In order to begin trauma therapy you will have to be relaxed enough to trust the person to whom you are confiding .  That is not easy when you have been traumatized.  Trust can be illusive.  Take your time, you will regain the trust you need with time.  It is not something that can easily fixed, be patient with yourself and the therapist.  It is important that you are able to trust again and disengage the emotion from the memory.  All of that takes time.  Relaxing and letting go of those things you have no control over are important in order to begin the process.   This will help.  Click here for the link to the videos    Enjoy!