Trusting your gut

Trusting your gut sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?  Just follow what you feel is the right thing for you, what your mind and feelings are telling you to do.  It is not that simple if you grew up in dysfunction because every time you trusted your gut, someone said you were wrong or manipulated the situation to favor them and not you, making you doubt your gut.  If you were the scapegoat in that family, you also took the blame for what went wrong reinforcing the fact that you cannot trust your gut.  As you grow up, hopefully, you realize that something was wrong with your childhood experiences and you begin to find out how your family manipulated the situations in your life and you can begin to heal.  You will realize that what went wrong was not your fault, but whomever was manipulating the situation to suit them.  They didn’t necessarily want you to fail, they just wanted things to work in their favor.  If you only look at what went wrong and how your life had been altered because of them, you will stay stuck there, in the past, wondering what went wrong.  There is nothing you can do about it now.  Too late.  You can change the present by getting your head out of the past.  You again will have to let go of the past and what happened or did not happen there.  Moving forward with a fulfilling life means that you will have to let go of what was and embrace what is now.  You will not be able to live in both places.  One has to go.  Living in the present is a much better place to be.  Letting go of the past also means letting go of the anger, resentment, guilt and what ever other emotions come up when you think of your childhood and the situations that happened there.  The following link will help you to let go of what you no longer have any control over.

Here is the link  Enjoy!