Zapping strength

Have you every talked with someone or interacted with someone and walked away from the encounter feeling emotionally, mentally and physically drained?  Chances are you have just encountered a person with borderline personality disorder.  If you are related to this person it is difficult to not be around them and have your strength and energy zapped on a regular basis.  Dealing with them in small doses helps.  Removing yourself emotionally also helps.  Not allowing yourself to get caught up in their daily drama, emotionally helps.  Drama comes with the disorder and it often times involves those people in their lives that allow themselves to be caught up in it.  Removing yourself from the drama is not necessarily about removing yourself from the person, it is more about removing yourself emotionally from the drama in their lives.  It is about putting whatever the problem is today on them, not allow them to give it to you or involve you in it.  It is giving it back to them each time they try to give it to you.  Making them responsible for their own problems and empowering them to solve their own issues.  They are also manipulative and often times will get you involved before you realize that you are.  Being honest about not wanting to or being willing to get involved with whatever the issues is today is the best way to handle a borderline personality disorder.  They will, however use your honesty against you by trying to manipulate you with it.  Making them mindful of their present moment feelings and aware of what they can do about the problem now will also help.  Being mindful of the moment they are in will being them to what can or cannot be done about their problems.   You will need to, daily, give away what is not yours to carry.  Helping someone does not involve doing it for them, it involves making suggestions on how they can handle it for themselves.  The following link will help you give away what is not yours to carry.

Here is the link   Enjoy!